Vegan Rising | Vegan Rising Occupies Queen Victoria Market – a future pandemic site
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Vegan Rising Occupies Queen Victoria Market – a future pandemic site

Vegan Rising Occupies Queen Victoria Market – a future pandemic site

On 11 February 2021, VEGAN RISING activists occupied the carcass hall and the roof of the Queen Vic Market, calling it a future pandemic site and demanding the iconic location do what is urgent for humans, other animals and the planet and transition to a world leading, innovative, plant-based mecca.

Sign our petition to help make this a reality here.

70% of emerging infectious diseases come from our exploitation of other animals. Experts are warning there is much worse than COVID-19 to come if we do not drastically change our relationship with other animals and our shared planet.

 “COVID-19 is just a dress rehearsal for a real killer plague like influenza.” Dr Michael Greger

34 Vegan Rising activists lined the aisles of the iconic market, each wearing a t-shirt that represents one of the many afflictions caused or predominantly caused by our use and abuse of other animals – from COVID-19, to Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, HIV/AIDS, Heart Disease, Certain Cancers, Antibiotic Resistance, Climate Change, Soil, Forest and Ocean Destruction, Water Shortages, Violence, Suffering and many more.

One human body hung in the aisle as human meat among the carcasses and two other activists have occupied the roof, dropping banners calling the location a future pandemic site.

Our aim is to draw the public’s attention to the reality of what their daily indoctrinated habits have created whilst also providing a list of demands for local, state and federal governments – available here

 We are literally at crisis point. From devastating bush fires across Australia, we went straight into a global pandemic with both predicted to repeat again and again. How many more warning signs do people need for our government to take action and individuals to change their ways?

Humans encroaching further into land that has been historically reserved for free-living animals is bringing us into close contact with animals who can carry, but be unaffected by, these viruses. This is being driven by mining, logging, human population growth and most predominantly by animal agriculture which currently uses well over half of Australia’s land and 45% of land globally. Then, ironically, it is animal agriculture that acts as the diabolical petri dish for the next killer pandemic. Learn more here

Now, to really fly in the face of decency and logic, the Victorian state Labor government has just provided permits to kill almost 100,000 kangaroos, encouraging their consumption by humans, when so-called ‘bush-meat’ has caused previous pandemics and the one we currently find ourselves in.

“75% of new and emerging infectios diseases come from exploiting animals”
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

But the problem is so much greater than all this. The overarching commonality is the way we see other animals and our planet as mere tools at our disposal is at the very root of all the major challenges we face.

The human condition that allows us to falsely convince ourselves we are somehow separate and superior to other animals and our shared planet is both entirely self-destructive and morally bankrupt.

Enormous benefits will come once we acknowledge our human superiority complex and learn to live in a way that respects and protects all life. Veganism is an essential part of that.

“As long as there is poultry there will be pandemics. In the end it will be us or them”
Dr Michael Greger

We want to see Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market and all other market places around the world, do what must urgently be done and transition to a world leading, innovative, delicious, violence free, plant-based mecca.

Sign our petition here

Download the below leaflet that expresses our vision for the Queen Victoria Market and encourages people to sign our petion. Print ready – A5 double sided available here.

Download the below informative leaflet on the leading cause of pandemics and take it to the streets. Print ready – A5 double sided available here.

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