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Become An Ethical Vegan

Become An Ethical Vegan

So now you know the Why, what about the How? 

Leaving your favourite animal products behind can seem daunting. We all have our favourite foods and the vast majority of us are eating at least a couple of times a day.  The bad news is that we are creatures of habit who crave comfort and familiarity.  We may even have a sentimental attachment to some animal products. The good news is we are also very adaptable, and after all, habits are made to be broken.  Common concerns range from adequate nutritional intake to forsaking familiar, favourite tastes.  Fortunately, the health benefits of a plant based diet have been proven time and again (learn more here), and you’ll be surprised to discover the vast array of tasty, healthier plant-based alternatives out there in regular supermarkets.  Many items may have escaped your notice as they are often in areas of the store that you may have not visited regularly before: the vegetarian section, the health section, the gluten free shelves.  Some items are just inches away from your favourite products, with plant milks nestled alongside cows milk in the supermarket fridges or in the aisles nearby.

Credit: Unparralleled Suffering Photography

Of course, veganism has never been just a diet: it is an ethical stance against the unnecessary use of animals in all aspects of life.  Most of the changes will feel diet-related at first, but there’s many other areas of our lives in which we regularly purchase items or experiences that have caused unnecessary suffering for the other species we share this planet with.  A quick scan of the kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom and cosmetic products in the average household will attest to this.  It might seem overwhelming at first: some people prefer to focus on the food aspect first before looking at their other products.  Others transition to vegan products across the board straight away.  Others still use up what they have before replacing or donate products, clothes etc to a charity.  How you get there isn’t as important as keeping the goal in mind, being kind to yourself and continuing to learn and educate yourself about the ‘Why?’.   (You’re likely to find the ‘How?’ falls right into place when the ‘Why?’ switch truly flicks on)! 

The Beet Retreat

Making errors along the way is a common part of transitioning to a way of living that seeks to avoid deliberate harm.  See these errors not as a failure, but as a chance to learn and develop your understanding further.  And again – be kind to yourself! 

For the best chance of success, a new habit benefits from a strong foundation, and it’s advantageous to equip yourself with as many resources as possible when making the transition to vegan living.  You’ll find going vegan isn’t a sacrifice, more of an adjustment, which becomes second nature in a shorter time than you think! 

For loads of information, support and meal planning please visit the following sites or contact us anytime at

Veganism is our moral imperative and is essential for our continued survival on this planet. It is never too late, but every minute we delay the more suffering and destruction we cause.

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