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Vegan Rising is a new animal rights direct action organisation with one objective – to help create a vegan world. We aim to challenge the systems of oppression and cruelty that have been normalised and legalised by society and demonstrate there is much simpler, kinder, ethical and sustainable way to live that is right at our fingertips. We will expose the humane washing of the so-called “ethicurean” food movement and reclaim what it means to be truly ethical and sustainable in a time where these terms have been hijacked by violent industries who romanticise exploitation and killing.


Veganism is on the rise. It is no longer a niche movement. It is a moral imperative that is unstoppable – a truth whose time has come. But, for the animals we work to liberate,

a world where they have a right to body liberty,and freedom from oppression, exploitation, and suffering cannot come soon enough. Hence, Vegan Rising.

Animals as Food
Animals as Clothing
Animals for Beauty Products & Medicine

Animals As Individuals

Get to know the personalities behind the faces of these conveniently misunderstood individuals

The Ultimate Betrayal

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