Vegan Rising | Demands on all levels of government
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Demands on all levels of government

Demands on all levels of government

Local Councils
1. Develop support and transition packages designed to encourage new plant-based food and retail enterprises in your region, starting with the City of Melbourne and the iconic Queen Victoria market.

State and territory governments
1. Introduce compulsory age-appropriate education in both primary and high school into the true impacts of animal agriculture on animals, human health and our environment.
2. Extend school education programs on discrimination and equality to include consideration for other animals  
3. Transition all schools, hospitals and other publicly funded services to replace current catering with healthy plant-based food alternatives.
4. Immediately end all current and future recreational and so-called ‘game meat’ shooting permits

Federal government
1. Urgently develop support packages for all land and aquatic animal farming industries to transition to sustainable, veganic, biodiverse crop farming systems or other innovative, plant-based food production models, with a focus on soil health and urgent carbon drawdown
2. Urgently rewild freed up land from animal agriculture for species recovery and carbon drawdown

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