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In just 4 easy steps, get animal rights on the election agenda!

In April 2019, we occupied slaughterhouses across Australia and shut down Melbourne to spark thousands of conversations about animal rights. We influenced thousands to watch Dominion, where they would discover the previously hidden truths behind Australia’s animal exploitation industries. We made our message clear: what’s happening to animals is unjust, and this violence must end.

With a federal election just days away, now is our chance to build on our momentum and put animals on the political agenda! Follow these four easy steps to reach out to your local candidates and demand they build a just world for animals:



You can find out which electorate you live in at


To do this, follow and click the link to your electorate. Then, on the web page for your electorate, click “JUMP TO CANDIDATES”. Under “More information”, you’ll see links to each candidate’s website. On the candidates’ websites, you’ll be able to find their email addresses. 


Copy-paste the template email below and send it to each candidate! Make sure you add their name at the top and your name at the bottom in the designated brackets. Also, check if the candidates have a Facebook page, and if they do, send them a Facebook message using the same template email.


We’re documenting all candidates’ responses so we can keep politicians accountable after the election. If a candidate responds, forward the response to



Subject: Urgent action required for animals and the planet

Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs/Mx/Dr (candidates last name),

I am writing as a resident of (electorate name) to express my concern and displeasure regarding the treatment of animals in our community. Like many people in this electorate and across Australia, I believe that exploiting and using other species for the human gain is a violent and insidious form of oppression that plagues our society and I’m concerned as to the lack of action that I have seen from candidates on this issue.

We now know irrefutably that animals are sentient, intelligent beings who possess the ability to feel emotions such as fear and pain, as well as to think and plan for the future and act to protect their lives and the lives of their family and community. This has been proven for animals from thousands of different species, including the ones that we regularly use for food, clothing, entertainment and scientific experimentation. Additionally, we know that animal agriculture and its accompanying practices (e.g. deforestation) is a major contributor to climate damage and global heating, a fact which is rarely acknowledged by politicians. As recent research tells us, we are running out of time to reverse the devastating affects of climate damage and the lack of definitive action being taken to address one of its primary contributing factors is disheartening to say the least.

Given this widely available knowledge, the lack of action by our politicians shocks and saddens me and I deeply hope that this upcoming election will be a turning point to building a kinder world for everyone, regardless of species. My vote depends upon direct, urgent responses to these serious issues facing our world and those who live within it. You will find a link below to a film depicting standard practices across facilities in Victoria which kill animals for human use. It is my hope that you will watch this film and then provide me your honest responses to the questions I have included below. I understand that this may be confronting, however it is the reality of what is happening in our backyards and I would hope that a representative of our electorate would wish to fully understand an issue before making up their minds. You can watch the film here.

After you watch the film, please respond to the below questions by return email.

If you are elected…

  1. Will you publicly acknowledge the inherent cruelty in the process of raising animals for food, clothing, entertainment and experiments?

  2. Will you insert a link to view the documentary ‘Dominion,’ which comprehensively examines industry standard practices across Australia, in a prominent position on your personal website/Facebook page and/or on the website/Facebook page of your party?

  3. Will you publicly condemn the use in schools of intentionally deceptive propaganda material produced by the animal agriculture industry?

  4. Will you publicly support the adding of warning labels to animal products advising of the ethical, health and environmental issues associated with that particular product?
  5. Will you agree to attend a screening of the film Dominion and to take part in a public debate if you find yourself disagreeing with any of these asks or the facts presented in this email?

I hope that you will be the candidate who will help take the issues of animals out from the shadows and into the halls of power. I would be happy to continue to discuss this further either by email or over the phone.

Thank you for your time in reading this email and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

(First name, Last name) (mobile number)

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