Vegan Rising | Camilla Parker Bowles and Osteoporosis
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Camilla Parker Bowles and Osteoporosis

Camilla Parker Bowles and Osteoporosis


The Financial-Legal-Military-Industrial-Meat-Medical-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex.

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, has attacked the rise of young people ditching dairy, in what she describes as ‘ridiculous diets’.  With a tremendous platform garnering worldwide headlines for the most banal details in her public life, one would think that the woman set to be Queen would use her incredibly advantaged position to help educate others on the dangers of consuming dairy.  Or, at least, keep a dignified silence on the subject in lieu of learning the facts. 

Instead, she used the most recent Royal Osteoporosis Society’s press conference to make this uninformed comment: one which mainstream media was all-too-happy to blow up into a pro-dairy advertisement.

“It is this ridiculous dieting, cutting out dairy and all the things that are good for your bones.  These girls see ‘Skinny Lizzies’ in a magazine and they all want to be thin”. 

Dairy: good for your bones.  If the Duchess says so, it must be true!  Given her impressive influence and reach, this plug for dairy would have been welcomed by all corners of Animal Agriculture, not to mention their friends, business partners and allies in connected major industries.

With all sensationalist, pro-animal Ag puff pieces, a common thread runs.  One never has to dig very far to find out how the spokesperson and the industry benefitting are linked, and Camilla’s blunder has an embarrassingly obvious motive.  As Patron of the Royal Osteoporosis Society since 2001, it is one of her royal duties to prop up this ‘charity’, and what better way than to perpetuate the ancient and dangerous myth that dairy consumption is conducive to preventing osteoporosis.  To find out why this is nonsense, Dr Michael Greger is happy to set the record straight

And yet we can’t be too hard on the woman who lost her own mother to osteoporosis back in 1994.  She would have been told, as we all have been, that dairy consumption would have reduced her mother’s chances of succumbing to osteoporosis.  We’ve all been fooled by these interconnected industries that claim to have our health and best interests at heart. 

At Vegan Rising, we will regularly expose these articles for the veiled advertisements and propaganda that they are in an effort to promote the facts that the public have a right to know.

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