Vegan Rising | The Ultimate Betrayal from Self-Proclaimed “Ethical Producers”
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The Ultimate Betrayal from Self-Proclaimed “Ethical Producers”

The Ultimate Betrayal from Self-Proclaimed “Ethical Producers”

To recognise someone’s desire to live and live well, then take that from them anyway is the ultimate betrayal, is it not?

Credit: Unparalleled Suffering Photography

The Ultimate Betrayal is Vegan Risings feature campaign which aims to challenge the growing market of self-proclaimed “ethical producers”.

As people become more aware of the inherent horrors associated with using animals for food and the devastating environmental impacts, they often simultaneously start to reconnect with their true selves and forgo their social indoctrination. Their conditioning since birth that has led them to not only accept the unacceptable but to support and vehemently defend it starts to crack, bit by bit, piece by piece.

In that space things will often go one of two ways; they will acknowledge the truth that exists in their mind and their heart and make the transition to veganism or, they will desperately start searching for ways to continue on with the same behaviour in a form that simply allows them to feel better about it.

Enter so-called “ethical” “regenerative”, “pasture-raised”, “holistic”, “fair food” systems of animal cruelty and exploitation – buzz words used by (f)harmers and easily sold to the public without question because they are the exact words they want to hear.

This growing sector preys on heightened consumer awareness, hijacking terms one would normally associate with goodness, creating the illusion that somehow exploiting and killing animals who do not want to die is somehow a kind and wholesome way of life that displays respect, ethics and integrity.

You don’t have to go far to find a farmers market, restaurant, or high-end butcher touting their “happy and sustainably raised” flesh, egg or dairy products. Even the (f)harmers themselves are showcasing their “ethicurean” ways through farm tours, classes, on-site meatsmiths, curing rooms, private slaughterhouses and sometimes even successfully crowd-funding the set-up costs.

In Australia there are a growing number of events popping up showcasing animal parts and by-products and glorifying those who have bred, raised and ultimately sent the individuals to death. These events often feature the live dismembering of a recently tortured pig, in a completely disconnected display of violence and cruelty. The ‘makers’ take on a saviour like persona and romanticise the act whilst the chin stroking audience looks on.

Farm tours may be offered to meet the animals themselves, where they can be observed and celebrated. Children and adults are encouraged to admire how beautiful they are and to interact with them, at the same time as they rejoice in eating their dead bodies. You may be taught how to slit the throat of a chicken yourself, or take part in the choosing of which precious goat will be murdered for the butchering display. These experiences are sold as wholesome; a way of ‘connecting’ with the ‘food’ we eat whilst it is actually achieving the very opposite by reinforcing the disconnect and steering us further from our innate compassion. It is normalising the idea that you can respect and appreciate someone yet also exploit them, kill and butcher them – the fundamental debacle from which all others extend.

Even (but not particularly surprisingly) our own RSPCA is getting further in on the act with their ‘Choose Wisely’ campaign, promoting venues who serve animal products from the ‘RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme’ with apparent higher welfare standards. Australia’s largest animal welfare organisation are in bed with the industries who exploit and harm, and they receive a portion of the profits from the sale of the bodies of the very beings they are supposed to protect.

The ‘happy meat’ movement not only hijacks language that allows us to believe that the exploitation, abuse, and murder of sentient individuals can somehow be humane, it reinforces the position of animals as property and ultimately delays, or more commonly, prevents those who are opposed to animal cruelty from making the transition to veganism. It simply encourages people to continue on with the choice of creating immense cruelty and suffering whilst allowing them to feel better about it.

The astounding level of disconnect and disrespect that exists is made very clear in these images and commentary by (f)harmers who prop themselves up as leaders in “ethical” exploitation.

Vegan Rising’s The Ultimate Betrayal campaign directly challenges the rhetoric that is currently playing out as we further educate the public on the cruelties that are still inherent to breeding and rearing animals in these systems (including flesh, eggs and dairy), break apart the “one bad day” scenario, and drive home the message that all animal products ultimately involve the taking of life from someone who wants to live.

Please stay tuned for future actions and consider donating to our work to ensure we can run the most effective The Ultimate Betrayal campaign possible.

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The so-called “ethicurean”, “happy meat”, “regenerative”, “pasture-raised”, “paddock-to-plate” movement will be the last bastion in our struggle for veganism. Its rapid growth demands we challenge it head on, expose its bloody and violent reality, reclaim its misleading terminology and dismantle its illusion of kindness and connectedness so that our evolution away from violence and exploitation may triumph.”  Kristin Leigh

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