Vegan Rising | The last straw! Calling out ‘The Weekly Times’ false accusations.
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The last straw! Calling out ‘The Weekly Times’ false accusations.

The last straw! Calling out ‘The Weekly Times’ false accusations.

The Financial-Legal-Military-Industrial-Meat-Medical-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex

The Weekly Times is known among animal abusers as the go-to for all their anti-animal liberation activist propAGanda. It serves its readers well by continually spreading lies straight from the (f)harmers mouths to ensure 1) they keep their readership happy and 2) they help to continue the cycle of violence against other animals so that they themselves can continue to live their own lives as oppressive carnists.

They have certainly had some rippers but we must say this article takes the cake!

The last straw: Family gets out of farming after activist attacks. Published 24 July 2019.

Attacks? If you call activists exposing the suffering of tens of thousands of so-called “free-range” chickens, many who could barely walk under their own weight and were slowly dying for this (f)harmers profits “attacks” then sure.

The Weekly Times won’t name the (f)harmers but we know which operation they are referring to, as it is the only so-called “free-range poultry” property to have 70 activists occupy it.

You can read the full article here or, just read on and we can break it down for you with some inconvenient truths thrown into the mix. What a novel concept that is, hey Weekly Times.

1) The family “lived in fear after two invasions”

Fact: there were not two “invasions”. There was one rescue and shed occupation with approximately 70 people quietly entering a shed, documenting the atrocities, and helping suffering chickens access water. The action was carried out by the animal rights group Meat The Victims.

2) “they had hoodies on and we couldn’t see their faces”

Fact: Urm…, they would be biosecurity suits, (you know, those things that only activists seem to be wearing in these places, contrary to what the media and politicians would have you believe), accompanied by surgical face masks, as breathing in these ammonia filled sheds becomes difficult within minutes. They look very menacing, don’t they!

RSPCA Approved Free-Range Broiler Shed
Tyabb 2018

3) the action “saw significant property damage”

Fact: There was no property damage at this action. The police were told a watering system was damaged in the second shed. This watering system was already broken which was evident due to the amount of water visible to a couple of activists who documented inside that shed then left, (featured in the video below). No charges for property damage were ever laid.

If this property has had damage it certainly didn’t happen at this action. Having said that, let’s consider something for one moment. (F)harmers are openly complaining about property damage (some graffiti), whilst they are profiting from tens of thousands of chickens being crammed into sheds in unimaginable agony, waiting to be hung upside down and have their throats sliced open. Can we please get some perspective here. The nerve to play the victim in any way goes to show just how disconnected (f)harmers are from the horrific violations of justice hundreds of thousands of innocent individuals are unnecessarily subjected to each year at this one property alone.

4) activists caused the “horrifying deaths of about 300 chickens from smothering.”

Fact: Activists recovered and laid out 30 birds who had died before their arrival to show the world just one example of how much suffering takes place where animals are exploited.

RSPCA Approved Free-Range Broiler Shed
Tyabb 2018

These chickens were found in just part of one shed. Most were already stiff, meaning they had been dead for at least a few hours. It is, in fact, the accepted industry standard that 4% of chickens raised for their flesh will die before being sent to slaughter.[i] In an industry that breeds and murders over 650 million individuals per year in Australia alone, that equates to 26 million chickens who will die often slowly and painfully in the sheds each year as tiny chicks or oversized babies from heart attacks, starvation and thirst, or from drowning on their own fluid due to their organs being unable to cope with their unnatural size.

In the shed referred to in this article of likely 40,000 birds (an industry-standard), that is 1,600 individuals that would be expected to die over their short 6 weeks of life, averaging the death of 38 per night. It looks like this operator is quite in line with the industry standard. Congratulations!

Also, it is interesting to note the use of the word “horrifying” in relation to the apparent deaths of 300 birds caused by activists. The living (if you could call it that) appeared to be approximately 1 week away from being slammed into crates and thrown onto trucks. Where do these operators think they go? Disneyland for chickens?

Below is a sequence of images from when the operators first arrived to the shed that morning. Expression: Inconvenienced? Yes. Horrified? No! They don’t even look at the dead birds laid out. They are looking beyond them at the 70 activists. That is because their deaths are not “horrifying”, they are a daily occurrence – part of the industry-accepted death rate.

We do have a theory on why they have accused activists of killing 300 chickens, not just in the Weekly Times article, but something they also did immediately after the action. A video was taken of many other dead birds discovered in freezers at the property. It looks like about 300 to us. Blaming the activists for their deaths would be a good story to get out there had these birds also been laid out to further expose “horrifying” industry standards at the property. Perhaps activists even brought their own freezers (sarcasm in case you missed it).

5) They were verbally very aggressive.

Fact: No one was abused in any way, verbally or other. Everyone left when asked by the police. Anyone would be free to contact them and ask. That’s what journos are supposed to do right?

As an aside, but an important one, this shed is RSPCA approved. You know, that large group that says they care for all creatures great and small whilst taking kick-backs from (f)harmers whilst telling us all lies about the apparently wonderful lives these individuals are living.

Does this look like a wonderful life to you?

Above is Timmy. He was rescued that day and taken straight to the vet who said he would have been in immense pain for a long time and could not be helped. He was euthanised, but not before being shown the love he always deserved.

This above little girl was also rescued and shown mercy as her legs would never have the strength to support her. She was completely crippled and had been slowly dying from thirst and starvation.

Like all sheds that raise chickens for their flesh, it was filled with thousands just like her. They are the victims here. She was the victim, not those who cause their suffering and get exposed for it. The poor me (f)harmer stories constantly being spruiked by The Weekly Times can be seen for the propAGanda that they are for anyone who dares be brave enough to really look.  

Conveniently, you will see a call to arms at the end of the Weekly Times article, with the links to make a submission to the Federal and Victorian state government inquiries into the impacts of activists on (f)harmers. An inquiry which you can guarantee will be filled with more of the same lies and “poor me” stories from abusers ignoring the plight of the real victims. Take a stand today against animal abuse and make your own submission. These proposed laws seek to do one thing – hide the truth. Nothing more.

Submissions to the Federal senate inquiry here.

Submissions to the Victorian state government inquiry here.

Guidance on how to make your submission to the Victorian state government inquiry can be found here.

To learn more about the horrors of the chicken meat industry and the betrayal of the RSPCA visit our informative page Chickens Used For Their Flesh here.

This article was written in loving memory of Timmy and the millions of others who suffer horrendous lives and deaths at places such as that in Tyabb.


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