Vegan Rising | RSPCA tips on how you can humanely exploit and kill
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RSPCA tips on how you can humanely exploit and kill

RSPCA tips on how you can humanely exploit and kill


The Financial-Legal-Military-Industrial-Meat-Medical-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex. 

This week’s ‘Good Food Guide’ in popular Australian newspaper ‘The Age’ seeks to allay fears of inadvertently purchasing unethical flesh, milk and eggs.  In their regular ‘Milk Crate’ feature, guest columnist Hope Bertram promotes ‘humanely farmed options’, generously bestowing conscience-soothing tips to hapless consumers in danger of being unscrupulously tricked by below-par farms and their bad practices.  Our impartial, serious food journalist divulges five handy tips to snub these rogue farms and hand over our hard earned coin to the farmers who are loving their animals to death.  Except, she isn’t impartial, is she?  She’s a paid RSPCA employee, responsible for managing their ‘Humane Food Initiatives’.   What is packaged as well-meaning advice is a blatant advertisement for RSPCA-approved animal products. 

For those who are wondering why the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals should not be revered as the charity who sets the standard for what does and does not constitute abuse and cruelty, all you have to do is look at their relationship with the animal slaughter industry.  To have a ‘charity’ advocating for a slightly less torturous way of raising and killing the very beings they are supposed to be protecting is a sick joke.  Their hypocrisy doesn’t stop there: they also profit handsomely from the bodies of those they claim to protect through their RSPCA-approved programmes.  We would suggest this is akin to a domestic violence charity encouraging occasional spousal beatings, but the comparison doesn’t come anywhere near close enough – for one, there would be no financial gain for the charity.  The RSPCA take naïve, well-meaning consumers, assessing their comfort level and their appraisal of themselves as ‘animal lovers’, and relentlessly spin the senseless oxymoron that we can somehow kindly kill someone who wants to live.  That humane slaughter is not only possible, but preferable to simply eschewing animal products for plant based alternatives. 

The article is a fast ride through the flimsy construct of ‘The Humane Myth’.  Bertram poses the question “How can you show you care for an animal when you are purchasing it?”  Even the most determined meat eater would surely find this something of an amusing riddle (albeit in poor taste). In no other circumstance would it be considered possible to ‘show you care’ about someone by financially supporting their killer.   

Bertram’s word choice is careful when plugging free-range pig flesh: “Free-range products are more likely to mean that pigs have been raised in an environment where they can express natural exploring, foraging and socialising behaviours”.   Essentially a meaningless sentence, as ‘more likely’ promises nothing and means nothing.  If a customer is serious in their concerns about conditions on a farm, ‘more likely’ is not a satisfactory guarantee of how the animal on their plate spent their time on this earth.  Customer scruples can be easily subdued with the tried and trusted rhetoric of humane farming, as long as it is pontificated by someone vaguely in authority (never questioning their true motives or connections to profiting industries).    

Make no mistake, humane slaughter is a LIE.  The RSPCA are The Meat Industry: a deceitful, wholly corrupt business posing as a charity, draining the pockets of oblivious patrons, propping up the most violent industry on earth while perpetuating the absurd idea that there’s a right way to do the wrong thing. 

For footage from one of RSPCA’s Approved Farming Scheme sheds where chickens are confined visit our page ‘Chickens Used For Their Flesh’.

At Vegan Rising, we will regularly expose these articles for the veiled advertisements and propaganda that they are in an effort to promote the facts that the public have a right to know.

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