Vegan Rising | Refusing to suffer spin – the QLD flood crisis
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Refusing to suffer spin – the QLD flood crisis

Refusing to suffer spin – the QLD flood crisis


The Financial-Legal-Military-Industrial-Meat-Medical-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex. 

2019 has seen an end to the 7-year drought affecting Far North Queensland with catastrophic results. Vast areas of the region saw up to three years of rainfall in just one week. It continues to be a humanitarian crisis with the loss of 1000’s of homes and businesses, the destruction of roads, the contamination of water supplies and of course the tragic deaths of two young men. My heart breaks for all who have been impacted by this awe-inspiring act of mother nature. It certainly is a grim and humbling reminder that we are merely puppets at her whim.

Source: SBS News

One of the most sensational stories to unfold from this disaster has been the devastation wreaked on the region’s cattle exploitation industry. A loss of up to 500,000 individuals is now estimated, many drowning, or subsequently freezing to death due to the gale force winds and unusually low temperatures, many starved, trapped in their muddy graves unable to move, countless more shot by farmers unable to salvage their ‘product’.

Source: ABC News

And boy have we have seen an outcry of pain and suffering from those responsible for these lives, we have seen tears shed over the harrowing losses. Newspaper headlines have screamed of the anguish felt by graziers as their livelihoods were literally swept away.

One quote from one of the hundreds of articles covering this catastrophe stopped me in my tracks. Of course, I had been frustrated and even angry by the claims of compassion and concern for these suffering beings by the very people who bring them into existence only to send them to their deaths, often after a torturous live export journey to a destination country where protracted, terrifying slaughter is well documented. I had been shaking my head for days over the hypocrisy, the denial, the absurdity. But this one quote from grazier Jacqueline Curley courtesy of The Guardian really blew my mind. She said…

“As we begin to access our paddocks we are being confronted with death and devastation at every turn. There are kangaroos dead in trees and fences, birds drowned in drifts of silt and debris and our beloved bovine family lay perished in piles where they have been huddling for protection and warmth,”

Our beloved bovine family

She goes on to say…

“This scene is mirrored across the entire region, it is absolutely soul destroying to think our animals suffered like this.”

My first reaction was “Jacqueline Curley are you mad?” You bring these animals into existence for the express purpose of profiting from their deaths, in their short horrendous lives you mutilate their bodies with no anaesthetic dehorning, castration, branding, you abandon them as babies to the mercy of the elements… droughts, floods, wild dogs, when they near slaughter weight you round them up with helicopters and motorbikes, terrifying these semi wild beings, to steal them from their family, they are then trucked hundreds sometimes thousands of kilometres to either a port for live export or an Australian feedlot, there they endure deprivation of freedom, swarms of flies and tonnes of accumulated faecal matter. Their last months on earth are a living hell and then their lives are brutally stolen from them in a slaughterhouse.

Your beloved bovine family.

Madness is surely the only explanation for this delusion.

Madness, or media savviness.

Source: The Guardian

The animal exploitation industries are under extreme pressure from changing community values and they’re acutely aware of the growing movement to abstain from animal products all together. There is also an increased expectation from the general public that animals be treated in ways that do not cause undue suffering. This catastrophic event has put Australia’s treatment of animals on the nightly news for weeks now. Stakeholders know the message must show farmers as compassionate lovers of their animals. I don’t like to be cynical but when I see phrases like beloved bovine family used by farmers, the kind of words when used by animal liberationists get them accused of anthropomorphism, well I just am.

Cynicism is the only reasonable response to the tears and hand wringing of a slaver.

I’m sorry if my words are harsh, I genuinely feel no ill will toward those whose hypocrisy I have called out, I just refuse to suffer spin. We all should, the world will be a better place when we stop believing lies and start acting on the truth.

And my truth? Well, my truth extends compassion to all affected by these floods, but notably to those whose lives meant nothing more than figures on the bloodstained balance sheet of the Northern squattocracy.

At Vegan Rising, we will regularly expose these articles for the veiled advertisements and propaganda that they are in an effort to promote the facts that the public have a right to know.

This piece was originally written for OCR FM’s radio show Animal Nation – For Compassion’s Sake segment

Author: Felicity Andersen
Director of Blackwood Fields Animal Sanctuary and Radio Host Animal Nation

Sheldon and Felicity
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