Vegan Rising | Killing it with Kind Milk
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Killing it with Kind Milk

Killing it with Kind Milk


The Financial-Legal-Military-Industrial-Meat-Medical-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex. 

“At least we don’t kill the babies” shouldn’t be the key selling point of any product, let alone one who markets itself as being ‘ethical’.  The slaughter of five day old trembling, bewildered baby boys is surely the most heinous element of the relentlessly exploitative Dairy Industry.  If we take this most viscerally shocking component of standard practice on a dairy farm and find a way to eliminate it, do we now have an ethical business?

The ‘Kind Milk’ movement seems to think so.  In an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald this week, we are introduced to farmer Cathy Palmer and partner Dr Les Sandles, touting their ‘idyllic’ business at How Now Dairy.  The major drawcard that this dairy has invested in is the concept of ‘bobby calf free milk’, where genetic boffins proclaim to have commanded god-like control over artificial insemination processes by producing only female calves.  From clinical beginnings in a sterile laboratory, How Now have created an appealing, bucolic story of little girls suckling and staying with their doting mothers, to eventually achieve their ambitions by becoming part of the milking herd when they reach maturity. 

Kind milk.

However, all is not as it seems at How Now Dairy.  The lofty claim in the Sydney Morning Herald article that “Palmer and her partner Dr Les Sandles use artificial insemination technology to ensure their 30 cows only give birth to females” flies in the face of the ‘News’ article on How Now Dairy’s own website.

Under their obligatory whinge about drought conditions in the area (hmm, wonder what caused THAT) is the heartwarming photograph of a newborn calf being licked by his mother.  HIS.  They don’t even hide the fact that their ‘beautiful boy Jet’, a male calf who will never, ever produce cow’s milk, has been born on their dairy.  The photograph can be dated to approximately August 2018.  Wonder where Jet is now? Oh wait, How Now claim they ‘allow’ the males to live to 3 years old then stab them in the throat to sell their bodies for profit. Well, that’s nice and ‘ethical’ of them, isn’t it.

As a side note, sexing the semen isn’t 100% accurate: depending on what article you stumble across on an online search, figures are placed between 78% and 90%.  Pressure is on scientists to improve this percentage, however a 100% accuracy result won’t diminish the plethora of unethical practices that make up the fabric of dairy farming. 

So, let’s be clear.  A company marketing itself to be the epitome of all that is humane, wholesome and ethical:

STILL forces females to endure life in a genetically manipulated body to produce more milk than their systems can comfortably deal with,

STILL holds these individuals as prisoners,

STILL subjects individuals to the harsh reality and high risks of an unsustainable industry,

STILL forces bulls via human interaction to ejaculate for their semen,

STILL forcefully impregnates females against their will,

STILL forces females to endure giving birth,

STILL separates mums from their babies for much of the day

STILL exploits females for their milk,

STILL sends them to slaughter when their milk production drops Well, this is a claim How Now will argue. But when a company compares the sentience of a cow to a carrot (yes, this is exactly what Dr Les Sandals said in recent Q&A) then you can’t imagine why he’d spend the time and resources to allow exploited cows to live out their lives once they are no longer “gifting” them with their milk. Unless of course he REALLY loves carrots.

Whichever way you look at it, this company looks to the individuals under their regime as commodities, units of production, a resource to be exploited. 

This isn’t an ethical company.  This isn’t a humane practice.  This is every bit as evil, because it is actually attempting to pose as the moral answer for naïve customers. 

Here at Vegan Rising, we focus on the so-called ‘humane ethicurian movement.’  As the truth about animal agriculture continues to be exposed, it is guaranteed that those who want to continue operating will repackage their death industry to appeal to concerned consumers by ‘taking out the worst parts’, before they lose their customers to delicious and healthier plant-based alternatives. We are confident that this trick will continue to be played on the hapless consumer (as demonstrated, it is already in motion). 

We call out the ‘ethicurian movement’ in the same breath that we call out ‘worst practice’ because it’s ultimately the same thing.  It is commodifying, manipulating and exploiting the body of another and taking their life for unnecessary reasons, and there is no kind way to do this.

“Every dairy knows the time is coming where the consumer is going to rip the Band Aid off and say, ‘We all know what the truth is about dairy’,” Palmer says.  These words will come back to haunt her. 

It will be interesting to ascertain how the rest of the Dairy Industry feels about ‘one of their own’ slamming standard agricultural practices in milk production.  This dairy has somehow managed to get the rest of the animal harming industry and those who advocate for a kinder world offside.   Perhaps this whole evil empire will implode on itself.  In the meantime, we will continue to expose their lies, their abhorrent cruelty and their slick marketing spin. 

Palmer is right about one thing: the truth about dairy is coming out.  ALL of it. 

For more on the injustice of the ‘ethicurean movement’ visit our  feature campaign The Ultimate Betrayal here.

The full article.

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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:05h, 14 December Reply

    I worked for Les and Cathy on their so-called “ethical” dairy farm for a year. Based on my experiences and what I saw in my time there, they are not at all ethical nor kind to their cows. There is a lot of animal cruelty and neglect going on behind the scenes. How Now Dairy is a scam and the whole thing is based on lies.

    Keep up your good work.

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