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The Financial-Legal-Military-Industrial-Meat-Medical-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex

You may have had the unfortunate experience of seeing Jonai Farms feature on The Project earlier this week – watch here

This operation touts what they refer to as ‘ethicurean’ food, working to convince consumers who are starting to open their eyes to the horrors of animal agriculture that they can still eat the dead bodies of animals and not feel bad about it.

Tammi has been sending the pigs she claims to care about to gas chambers to endure a horrifying, torturous death since she began profiting from their exploitation many years ago. She has stated that she has seen the killing method used and believes it to be “best practice”, and completely acceptable to her so long as on-farm slaughter is not an option.

You can decide that for yourself. This link contains footage from the very gas chamber Tammi sends the pigs she exploits to

“We abhor cruelty to animals” she states on her website.

When Vegan Rising members called Tammi out for the suffering and taking of the lives she profits from in a forum earlier this year, Tammi openly and quite proudly stated she has no problem with the killing of animals who do not want to die.

Yet, when explaining to The Project that she would soon have her own slaughterhouse she states “I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to it as you don’t look forward to killing. But I am looking forward to not sending them off for someone else to kill anymore”.

Why would someone not look forward to killing? Could it be because it is unethical, violent and unjust? Could it be because the pigs she will be stabbing in the throat are the same pigs she claimed to care about the day before? Could it be because deep down we all know killing is wrong and she will be forced to truly face the reality of what she promotes and profits from, making ethicurean buzzwords of kindness, connection, ethical, wholesome and humane harder to tout?

We do not for a moment think Tammi will have an epiphany and throw in the towel once she commences watching the individuals she apparently cares for plead for their lives. Sadly, Tammi is too far down the path of her saviour complex.

She quotes EB White on her website “I awake each morning torn between a desire to save the world, and to savour the world. This makes it hard to plan my day.”.

Let’s be clear. Raising and killing pigs (and cows) for profits is NOT saving the world.

Nearing the end of this pro animal killing news story, Tammi can’t help herself from taking a dig at vegans (as she often does) – you know, those people who do actually abhor cruelty to animals.

“One of my favourite things about how cranky vegans get with me is the death threats that I have had from them in the past. That’s right – those with the most compassion for animals are making death threats against human animals”.

Sorry, but does this mean Tammi acknowledges killing shows lack of compassion?

If one thing is clear it is that Tammi is a very, VERY confused individual. She joins a growing number of other disconnected and delusional saviours who think they can slip the words killing and kindness into the same sentence. That is a convenient (and profitable) position to take at a time when so many are making the connection and looking for ways to reduce their negative impact on animals and the planet, ensuring animals remain subjugated, exploited and harmed – and we feel better about it.

Because nothing screams ethics and kindness like mocking the dead bodies of individuals who wanted to live, and fought until their last breath.


To recognise someone’s desire to live and live well, yet take their life from them anyway is the ultimate betrayal.

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